Sleep well, O Valiant Knights

As well as visiting the British Normandy Memorial above the beaches of Omaha, Juno, Gold, Sword and Utah just before the 80th Anniversary of D-Day, Frank Mallett paid his respects at the Bayeux War Cemetery.  He took photographs of the headstones of all the members of 21 BDS who died on D-Day and the days after.  Every grave is very well tended.

D C Highfield
Flight Lieutenant D C Highfield
632267 Corporal F E J Day; Peace lad, you played the game
1285110 Corporal E F Middleton, age 32; We miss you Ted. My heart's still sore. As time goes on, we miss you more. Sybil & Ann
1527578 Ldg Aircraftman R C Parr, age 22; Sleep on, thou brave and noble son. You answered the call, your duty done
1798971 Aircraftman 1st Cl A B Routledge, age 33; RIP. Lord of mercy, Jesu blest, grant his soul eternal rest
1692499 Signalman S W Peckett. age 32; Oh the joy to see thee waiting on that eternal shore, where we'll meet once more
14649609 Signalman P H Ellis, age 21; My only child, he gave his all. Till we meet again, Mother
14535914 Signalman J J Baldry, age 22
14513820 Signalman L C Grotier, age 22; Time heals, they say, but memories cling and so does love. Mum and Dad
14431405 Signalman J G Attrill, age 19; Rest on, dear son, in the certain hope of the resurrection to eternal life
An airman; Known unto God

BBC > “On the evening of 5 June 1944, thousands of allied servicemen were waiting courageously for the signal to launch. In the 24 hours that followed, the troops of D-Day achieved the unthinkable, pushing the boundaries of ingenuity, bravery and sacrifice. 

“Eighty years later, as night fell, a reflective and poignant event was held at the Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery in Bayeux. 

“The event culminated in a unique act of remembrance. As darkness descended, there was a moment of light that focused the nation’s minds and hearts on the price that was paid for D-Day’s success as all 4,600 headstones were individually lit.”

This is an extract from that programme.  Copyright BBC

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