Norman Best – Notes on Landing Tank Ship LST-316

This is the landing craft that took Norman Best and Ned Hitchcock back from France on 1st July 1944 departing from Utah Beach.

LST 316

LST-316 was laid down on 15th October 1942 at the New York Navy Yard; launched on 28th January 1943; sponsored by Mrs Pearl Magdalene Frick and commissioned on 3rd February 1943.

During World War 2, LST-316 was assigned to the European theatre and participated in the following operations:

Sicilian Occupation – July 1943

Salerno Landings – September 1943

Invasion of Normandy – June 1944

Upon her return to the United States, she was decommissioned on 24th May 1945 and struck from the Navy list on 12th March 1946. On 23rd December 1946, she was sold to James Hughes, Inc.,New York, N.Y. for conversion to merchant service.

LST-316 earned three battle stars for her service in World War 2.

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