This web site has been constructed over the past 15 years and was first posted in 2012. Due to new material becoming available, the whole site has had an update and refreshed in 2022. The authors would like to thank the help they has received from many people but in particular, the following have provided information, data and support to the site:

  • Mike Dean: World War 2 Radar Archives
  • Allan Hillman
  • Yves Cordelle: D-Day Historian and resident of Vierville-Sur-Mer
  • Geoff Slee: Combined Operations Project
  • Ian Brown: Radar Archive
  • Joe Balkoski: Historian and Author
  • Prof Mark Felton: Historian, Author and Broadcaster
  • Les Dobinson: BDS 21 Veteran
  • Forrest Anderson: Military Researcher
  • Colin Latham: Author
  • Anne Stobbs: Author
  • Kevin Elsby: Author and researcher.
  • Tim Roop: Author of web site


The Production Team 2022

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