Archie Ratcliffe – letter sent on 29th November 2006

29th November 2006


Archie Ratcliffe

Dear Mr Ratcliffe

RAF Radar at Omaha Beach

Please excuse my writing to you directly on the subject of the RAF Radar at Omaha Beach, but your name was given to me by an American, Jonathan Gawne, who is the author of “The 29th” which is the house magazine of the 29th Division of the US Army.

I know Mr Gawne through my research into the wartime experiences of my late father, Squadron Leader Norman Best, who was with 21BDS and GCI 15082 on the ill-fated landings on Omaha.

My father did not talk about his wartime experiences during his lifetime and it was only when my Mother died that we discovered he had a diary and published articles relating to the time leading up to and covering the D-Day experience.  My research has taken me to many parts of the world and I was extremely excited to read that it appears you were part of the 15082 GCI, and were seeking to be put in contact with any other veterans or people who may provide information about your group.

If you feel you would be happy to talk with me, I would be honoured and thrilled to either talk to you on the telephone or indeed come to Oadby at a time convenient to you to learn firsthand of your experiences.

I am enclosing a stamped address envelope for your reply and look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Yours sincerely,
Peter Best

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