Appendix C: Place Names France




LocationMap Ref.
BarfleurD+9, D+15, D+16, D+21NB Diary6253 56035
CarentanD+6, D+14NB Diary6275 54627
CherbourgD+15, D+20NB Diary6000 54995
Colleville-Sur-merEastern edge of Omaha Beach 6565 54685
CosquevilleD+18NB Diary6147 55057
CricquevilleGCI 1st Site, D+3NB Article and NB Diary6455 54715
FermanvilleD+22, D+23NB Diary6120 54854
Les MoulinsDraw or ravine on Dog Red Beach, D+3 6539 54705
LonguevilleD+6NB Diary6484 52674
MontebourgD+8, D+15NB Diary6174 54830
Pointe de BarfleurD+21NB Diary6249 55062
QuettehouD+16NB Diary6227 54945
QuinévilleD+9NBDiary6239 54845
RavenovilleD+9, D+11, D+12, D+13, D+17NB Diary6254 54797
RéthovilleD+16, D+17, D+22NB Diary6187 55053
St. Laurent-Sur-mer1st Transit area SE of St. Laurent, D+1, D+2, D+3NB Diary6543 54698
St. Mère EgliseParatroop Drop Town on Utah section, D+8NB Article6221 54743
St. Pierre du Mont2nd GCI Site, D+3, D+4, D+5, D+10NB Diary6465 54776
St. Pierre-EgliseD+24NB Diary6151 55029
St. VaastD+15NB Diary6253 54942
TocquevilleD+15, D+17NB Diary6200 55034
ValognesD+15NB Diary6106 54853
Vierville-sur-merWestern edge of Omaha Beach 6523 54713

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