Wallace Eric Adderley – Dates and Notes, 1944


Sunday 21st May – Sarum

Saturday 3rd June – Embarked for France. Held up by weather.

Tuesday 6th June – Landed Omaha Red with US Army. Pinned down on beach.

Wednesday 7th June – Moved forward short distance to St Laurent.

Thursday 8th June – Site nearby.

Saturday 10th June – Les Moulins – St Laurent, Longueville.

Saturday 1st July – Grandecamp.

Tuesday 4th July – Domestic site.

Journey to Paris, partly with General Patton thrust. CO went off in a hurry taking us in fast run to the front. Waited outside Paris for the Free French to arrive.

Route : Vehicle No 11

– Isigny

– St Lo

– Vive

– Tinchebray (turn right just before)

– Damfront [not sure about this entry] (Probably Domfront – Editor)

– Alencan

– Le Mans

– Rendevous point, Place du Jacobin, Le Mans

Friday 25th August – Longchamp racecourse with the Free French. (1)

(1) Longchamp racecourse

On 25th August 2798 Rifle Squadron, which had been protecting RAF radar sites in one of the American corps areas, was ordered to secure Longchamps racecourse in Paris as a possible landing site. With guides from the French Maquis, the squadron took a devious route into the city to reach its objective — thus becoming one of the first Allied units to enter the French capital


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