John Moore - information from his son Charlie

John’s son, Charlie wrote:

I have sent some photos John has. The big photo was taken just before D-Day. John is far left, then Henry Willis, Stan Peckett, and Doug Thompson. John got a minor injury on the beach, Henry got a facial injury from shrapnel and John thinks Stan got killed shortly after landing. John thinks his unit of four were equipped with 2 Stens and 2 rifles. John never used his rifle, but used a liberated German Schmeiser and an American Colt 45 instead.

Charlie Moore also wrote:

John Graham Moore, born 30th July 1924, joined as soon as he could in September 1942 in Norwich.  After basic training, he was billeted in Brandon Mansions in Great Yarmouth, where he was turned down for aircrew due to having had rheumatic fever as a child.  Instead, he trained as a wireless operator and before D-Day was based at a Radar site in Northern Ireland, and also in the Midlands – possibly Shropshire.

John can’t remember Stan’s surname and can’t remember his service number, so we’ll keep looking for it. He remembers once off the beach, his unit headed towards Cherbourg, but it’s hard work getting solid memories from him. He’s sure Henry used a Sten gun as his sight wasn’t great, so he just used to spray it towards the target. Henry was also a talented musician and would often play the organ in churches they passed, with John as lookout at the door, even though German snipers were active.

And finally, Charlie Moore wrote:

I think I have managed to find John’s service number via Forces War Records: it is 1629405, relating to a John Graham Moore who enlisted after October 1941 at Cardington. I just spoken to John and he confirmed he was taken from Norwich to Cardington before being sent to Great Yarmouth, and my wife could only remember his number finished 405, so I’m happy it’s him!

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