Johnnie Humble – Photo: 1944

A photo of colleague Sgt Humble (or Hamble) taken by Muir Adair in 1944. Muir believes Humble is the correct spelling.

Muir Adair writes: The chap in pyjamas is Sgt Johnnie Humble who was Operations Sergeant on D-Day. I am almost positive that he was wounded and evacuated within a day or so, despite the fact that there are a couple of references to him in (Norman Best’s) notes.

His replacement, a Sgt Steve Michaelson, had studied medicine in France prior to the war and was fluent in French. He was invaluable to me during the rest of the campaign and was posted elsewhere shortly before we were decommissioned, when Cpl Simpson, one of our operations watch corporals, was promoted to Sergeant.

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