Norman Best – Transcript of notes at the back of his personal diary, handwritten at Camp D2 between 27th May and 1st June 1944

Peter Best writes: These notes were at the back of Norman Best’s Diary and he obviously made these notes at the Concentration area D2 (just by Lychiatt Maltravers, Poole, Dorset) whilst getting his head around the organisation of 15082, and who was going to do what. As he was new to 21 BDS, I feel sure that as much as trying to organize what would happen in France, it was also to remind him of the names of key people he would be working with and the equipment they would be using. For instance, the quote “15 positioned” refers to the AMES Type 15 Radar Set.

15 positioned

(2) 14  positioned

(3) 13  positioned

(4) 11 ?  ?

15 + 14 2 parties working


  1. 15


EffieSL Best

Elias F/s Echerat

Stevens Sgt. Edain

Firby Lac. Scalding

Cpt. Michelin

All ???

Cable Running. Diesel inst.

General water leaking

F/L Hitchcock

Lac. Fisher

Lac. Kaye

(1) T.G.  Not to be started without F/L Hitchcock

  1. No radar gear to be switched without Officers


(3) Telephone faulty Detailed to Sgt. Hamble in large

Sgt. Hamble.

Williamson to check

(4) As soon 15 working 15 party + ½ 14 party start on 13.

  1. MT people to take off cab of 13 as soon as positioned.
  1. Type 11 to be commissioned last

To be commissioned on the ground

  1. ???? – commissioned Flicker

50 mile on DU54

(8) IFF on T15 to be commissioned with 15

(9) MT to provide tools for 13.

(11) ???? use of winch for T15

Telephone Faults

Cpl Adderley

Aerial T15

Cpl Simpson

Cpl Rowe

Cpl Heathcote




Feeders (including poles)



Cables and Diesels




Receiver including 21

Sgt. Hamble







Available after 15 + 14 Commissioned

All except Sgt. Hamble

Cpl Rowe




26 ???? / SD not detailed

2 on RT (P erection)

4 on cabling

10 reserve GCI working

10 on camp duties

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