Full listing of all known men involved with the RAF at Omaha Beach

Personnel of No. 21 Base Defence Wing (later Base Defence Sector)

Those shown in bold text wrote memoirs of their experiences with the Sector. These memoirs can be found elsewhere in full.

AdairC (Chrissie) Muir Adair’s wife who was a GCI operator.  She died in November 2012.
AdairFulton MuirF/Sgt (RCAF)Member of GCI 15082.
AdderleyW. E. (Bill)CplPhoto – The Corporals, 15082 Unit.
AinsworthF.W.E.Sqn/LdrPosted to 21 BDW for Tech Signals duties.
AndersonA.M.Wg/CdrOC GCI 15082 landing party.  Senior Radar Controller.
AttrillJohn GodwinSignalmanService number 14431405. Killed in action. Aged 19.
Avery F/OffAttached to 21 Sector (Equip).
BaldryJoseph JamesSignalmanService number 14535914. Killed in action.
BarrS.Flt/LtAttached to 21 BDW from 60 Group.
BestNormanSqn/LdrAttached from 60 Group as Radar Specialist.
BigmoreL.P/OffFilter Duties.
BoughtonA.R.Flt/LtAttached to 21 Sector (Accounts).
Brown(John Laurence)Wg/CdrLater killed at Arnhem.
ChapmanW.H.F/OffMovement Liaison.
Chapman Flt/LtRecce to Tocqueville to find site to set up Sector HQ.
ClowesI.C.D.Flt/LtAdjutant of  21 BDS.
Collier F/OffGCI Controller.
CookeS.D.F/OffIntelligence Officer.
Cottrill CplPhoto  – The Corporals, 15082 Unit
Cox MrRecce to Tocqueville to find site to set up Sector HQ.
CroftsJack HensonLACD-Day.  Service Number 1678283.  RAFVR.  Unit BRSU. Killed in action.
CrowleyA.P.Sqn/LdrSignals Officer.
CubittJohnLACService Number 1775196.
DavisC.M.P/OffFilter Room Officer.
DayFrancis Edward JamesCplD-Day.  Service Number 632267.  RAF.  Unit 5158T M.S.U.  Killed in action.
DobinsonLes Veteran and author of “The D-Day Story that never made the headlines”.
Dyer(Tubby) Taken prisoner by Americans (who mistook RAF uniforms for Hun Field Grey), back to UK!
EckersallReubenF/SgtService Number 978501.  Gazetted for the award of Military Medal, London Gazette dated 14-11-1944, page 5210.
Effinberger Flt/LtTechnical Officer with GCI 15082.
ElgoodH T. Recalled by Muir Adair as being a Radar mechanic with GCI 15082.
Elias F/Off 
EllisPeter HenrySignalmanService number 14649609. Killed in action.
Emms Sqn/LdrAttached from 309 MSSU to Sector HQ.
Evans Flt/LtArrived with advance party of the 2nd Echelon.
Ferguson Fl/LtAdjutant of 21 BDS.
FirbyW. (Bill)Cpl (RCAF)Radar and Electrical Engineer, RCAF attached to the RAF with GCI 15082.
Fisher LACAppears to have been on a task list!
Fogg  Appears to have been on a task list!
ForshawGeorge Landed on Omaha on D-Day.
Fountain F/LtRecce to Tocqueville to find site to set up Sector HQ.
Fraser CplPhoto – The Corporals, 15082 Unit
Fry CplPhoto – The Corporals, 15082 Unit
GreenleafArthur WW2 People’s War article
GrotierLeonard ChristopherSignalmanService number 14513820. Killed in action. Aged 22
GuggenheimO.A.Wg/Cdr RAFRPosted in to 21 BDW.  Service Number 81524.
HagueR. (Reg) In early 1944 was Technical Officer of GCI 15072.
HambleJ.(Johnnie)SgtSgt Humble (Hamble?) reported as being blinded.
Hankie  In early 1944 was Technical Officer of GCI 15081.
HardingGeoffrey ClarenceSqn/Ldr (Rev)Padre with 21 Base Defence Sector.
HarrisonV.Flt/LtOperations Officer.
HayIan Herbert ArthurWg/Cdr. (RAAF)Posted to Sector (Operations) as replacement for casualties. Service Number AUS 250720.  Awarded the DFC London Gazette, dated 26-10-1945, page 5235.
HeathcoteEric JohnCplBorn 9/7/1920,  Service Number 1264340.  In first 21 BDS Echelon on D-Day.  Died April 1990.
HendersonA.W.F/OffPosted to 21 Sector for Signal duties w.e.f. 13-6-1944.
HentyR.I.F/OffPosted in to Church Fenton – Operations.  Service Number 101672.  Mentioned in Despatches (London Gazette dated 1-1-1943, page 42.
HighfieldDouglas CharlesFlt/LtFormer Flier who had been wounded and transferred to Radar as a result his injury.  Killed in Action on Omaha Beach on D-day.Nickname ‘Hoppy’.
HitchcockEdward Hamilton (Ned)Flt/Lt (RNZAF)Electrical Engineer.  Born 6-11-1918. Attached as an Electrical Specialist from 60 Group.
HorsleyJ. (Jim) Trained at RAF Chigwell which was stated to have been an RAF Radar School.
InghamA.Lt.(RNVR)Attached to 21 BDW for liaison duties.
InghamB.Wg/CdrAttached to 21 BDW for Wg/Cdr Flying duties.
Jarrett Flt/LtAttached to 21 BDW for Equipment duties.
JohnsonA.M.F/OffPosted in to 21 BDW (Accounts), w.e.f. 20-5-1944.
Jones P/OffPosted in to 21 Sector for GCI Controller duties w.e.f. 12-9-1944.
KellyChris D-Day Veteran.
LeeR.E.P/OffPosted to 21 BDW for Operations ‘B’ duties.
Love  Radar and Electrical Engineer.
Lovell Sqn/LdrPosted to 21 BDS from Middle Wallop for Controller duties.
MadderB.J.LtVisit from 16 Air Formation Signals.
MallettS. (Stan) D-Day.  He and a colleague captured two ‘Jerries’, who said they had had enough and threw away their rifles.
Mansfield F/OffPosted in to 21 Sector for GCI Controller duties w.e.f. 12-9-1944.
May F.OffControlling GCI 15081.
McCarthy Flt/LtPosted to Wing as Adjutant.
McGrath Sqn/LdrControlling GCI 15082
McKenzie P/Off 
McLeodAlexander GordonFlt/Lt (RCAF)OC and Unit Technical Officer of GCI 15073 Convoy.  Embarked at Portsmouth, landed Omaha 9-6-1944.
Melrose  Appears to have been on a task list!
MichaelsonS. (Steve)SgtOperations Sergeant (but studied medicine in France)
Michelin CplAppears to have been on a task list!
MiddletonEldred FrancisCplD-Day.  Service Number 1285110.  RAFVR.  Age 32.  Unit 6205 B.D.F. Killed in action.
Mills LtControlling GCI 15072.
MiskinR.H.Flt/LtPosted in to 21 BDS (A&SD) w.e.f. 21-5-1944.  Service Number 84240.  Mentioned in Despatches (London Gazette dated 1-1-1945, page 70).
MorganC.F/OffPosted in to Church Fenton – Movement Liaison.
MosebyWilliam GeorgeGp/CaptArrived Church Fenton to set up 21 Base Defence Wing, (later Sector)
MuggletonLewis George Normandy veteran.
Newsome  Appears to have been on a task list!
NewsonStanley WilliamLACKilled on D-Day.  Service Number 1612976.  RAFVR. Unit GCI 15082.  Age 22.
Nodes(Jerry)Flt/LtControlling GCI 15082.
O’MahoneyC.J.Sqn/Ldr.(Rev)Posted to 21 Sector.
OwenDouglas Charles  
PalinArnold Employed in Ground to Air Communications.  Killed 11-5-1945 in Germany.
PankJohn Henry D-Day Veteran.
ParrRichard Croxton (Dickie)LACService Number 1527578.  RAFVR. Unit GCI 15082.  Killed on 6-6-1944 on Omaha.
Patley Sqn/LdrPosted to 21 Sector (Admin).
PeerlessG.R.Flt/LtPosted in to 21 BDW (A&SD) w.e.f. 21-5-1944.
PeckettStanley WalterSignalmanKilled in action. Aged 32. Service number 1692499.
PenderF.R.Flt/LtPosted in to Church Fenton – Operations.
Pilling(Bill) Landed on Omaha Beach on D-day.
Pine F/OffSignals Officer.  Could this be Pyne?
PreeceF.R.F/OffPosted in to Church Fenton – Movement Liaison.
PyneF.C.F/OffPosted to Church Fenton for Ops ‘B’ Duties.  See Pine (above).
RatcliffeArchieACService Number 1037824.  Landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day.
Reeves  Appears to have been on a task list!
ReidJ. (John/Jock)LACCommended by his MO for work carried out as Orderly during Beach landing on D-Day.
Rimins? CplPhoto – The Corporals, 15082 Unit
RobertsonJohn (Jack)LACService number 1365501.  Landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day.
RogersW.T.F/OffPosted in to Church Fenton – Fighter Control.
RoseBP/OffPosted to 21 Sector for Filter duties w.e.f. 3-7-1944.
Ross Sqn/LdrControlling GCI 15081.
RoutledgeAlan BertramAC1Killed on Omaha Beach on D-Day.  Service Number 1798971.  RAFVR.  Unit 5132C MSU.
Rowberry(Tubby) Landed on Omaha on D-Day.
Rowe CplPhoto – The Corporals, 15082 Unit
RycroftRichard NoelFlt/LtPosted to 21 Sector (Medical Officer).
SamterGeorge Spoken of remove and consequent disappointment.
Sanderson(Dad i.e. father) Landed on Omaha on D-Day.  From Manchester.
Sanderson(Curly) Landed on Omaha on D-Day.  From Manchester.
SaunterC.F.Flt/LtPosted in to Church Fenton – Movement Liaison.
Scott  Appears to have been on a task list!
Sharman Fl/LtControlling COL 15074.
ShawA.T.Lt/Cdr.(RNVR)Attached to 21 BDW for liaison duties.
SimpsonW.E.CplOperations Watch Corporal.  Promoted to Sgt when Sgt Michaelson posted away from 21 BDS just before unit’s de-commissioning.
SladeA.K.P/OPosted to Church Fenton for Ops ‘B’ Duties.
Smith CplPhoto – The Corporals, 15082 Unit.
Smith Fl/LtControlling GCI 15081.
SparksI.A.W.F/OffPosted in to Church Fenton – Operations.
SpearsT (Tommy)SgtRegular RAF SNCO in charge of General Duties.
Spurgeon Sqn/LdrPosted from 25 Sector to 21 Sector for Signals duties.
StevensJ.G. ( John/Jack)Cpl (RCAF)Helped to salvage ‘drowned’ equipment with F/Sgt Adair and Bill Firby.
SullivanA. (Dick) Landed on Omaha on D-Day.  From Brighton.
SymondsG.T.Sqn/LdrPosted in to Church Fenton – Signals.  Possibly G J Symonds (Technical Branch).
Tasker Flt/LtPosted to Sector (Ops ‘G’) as replacement for casualties.
Tothill Sqn/LdrOn recce near Carentan.
TrollopeFrederick JosephSqn/LdrSenior Controller of GCI 15082.
TurnerP.M.R.F/OffPosted in to Church Fenton – Fighter Control.
Twining Fl/LtAttached to COL 15074.
UrryEFlt/LtPosted to Church Fenton for Ops ‘B’ Duties.
WakefordPeter Frank TraversFlt/LtAttached to 21 BDW for Ops ‘G’ duties.  Service Number 40446.  Awarded the OBE (London Gazette dated 1-1-1945, page 21.  Wounded on D-Day (at St Valery?).
Wakelin CaptAttachment to 21 Sector ceased.
WalfordR.T.P/OffPosted in to 21 BDW. (A&SD) w.e.f. 21-5-1944.
WarrenH.J.M. (Harry)CplLanded with a radar unit on Omaha beach on 3/7/1944.  Service Number 1610898.
Webster CplPhoto – The Corporals, 15082 Unit.
Widdup CplPhoto – The Corporals, 15082 Unit.
WilliamsonG.F.P/OffPosted in to Church Fenton – Tech (Signals).
Wilson  Appears to have been on a task list!
WilsonG.Lt.(RNVR)Attached to 21 BDW for liaison duties.
WisemanWilliam Douglas (Bill)Flt/LtService Number 82719.  Posted to Sector (Ops ‘G’) as replacement for casualties.
WrakeLeeSgtD-Day story.

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