Commonwealth War Cemetery Bayeux

A list of eleven men from GCI 15082 who lost their lives as a result of the D-Day operation was drawn up from information supplied by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Later checks revealed that some of these casualties, i.e. those commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial, were not connected to No. 21 Base Defence Sector.

Further exhaustive research revealed details of 11 personnel who were Killed in Action or Died of Wounds on Omaha beach; this revised list includes men of a British Army Unit, No.16 Air Formation Signals, which was attached to GCI 15082.

The revised list is as follows:

Date Died Killed in Action, 6th June 1944

  • HIGHFIELD, Charles Douglas, Flt/Lt, No. 117492, RAFVR, GCI 15082, Plot X.B.14.
  • DAY, Francis Edward James, Corporal, No. 632267, Age 34, RAF, MSU 5158T, Plot X.B.1.
  • MIDDLETON, Eldred Francis, Corporal, No. 1285110, Age 32, RAFVR, 6205 BDF, Plot X.A.12.
  • NEWSON, Stanley William, LAC, No. 1612976, Age 22, RAFVR, GCI 15082, Plot X.B.12.
  • PARR, Richard Croxton, LAC, No. 1527578, Age 22, RAFVR, GCI 15082, Plot X.B.6.
  • ELLIS, Peter Henry, Signalman, No. 14649609, Age 21, Royal Corps of Signals, 16 AFS, Plot X.A.8.
  • GROTIER, Leonard Christopher, Signalman, No.14513820, Age 22, Royal Corps of Signals, 16 AFS, Plot X.A.14.
  • PECKETT, Stanley Walter, Signalman, No.1692499, Age 32, Royal Corps of Signals, 16 AFS, Plot X.B.15.
  • BALDRY, Joseph James, Signalman, No. 15435914, Age 22, Royal Corps of Signals, 16 AFS, Plot X.A.10.
  • ATTRILL, John Godwin, Signalman, No. 14431405, Age 19, Royal Corps of Signals, 16 AFS, Plot XI.D.22.


Date Died of Wounds, 7th June 1944

  • ROUTLEDGE, Alan, Bertram, LAC, Number 1798971, Age 33, RAFVR, MSU 5132C, Plot X.B.18.


GCI: Mobile Ground Controlled Interception Radar.

MSU: Mobile Signals Unit.

BDF: (Unknown, but possibly Bomb Disposal Flight?).

Unfortunately, many of the wounded on D-Day are unknown as they were Other Ranks. However, there are five Officers who were named. These were:

i) Wing Commander Anderson.

ii) Squadron Leader Harrison (stated to have lost a foot when landing). 

iii) Captain Rowley.

iv) Flying Officer Williamson.

v) (Rank Illegible), Barnes (US).

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