The names of The Fallen

Frank Mallett visited Normandy from Friday 31st May to Sunday 2nd June, 2024. His father, Aircraftman Stan Mallett, had visited Normandy 80 years previously – on D-Day, 6th June 1944.  It was not such a pleasant trip back then.

Stan returned from the war, but many of his comrades did not.  Frank was there to pay his respects to his father’s friends and colleagues in 21BDS whose names are remembered on the stone in the British Normandy Memorial.

Frank comments that he was fortunate to get his photos on the Friday.  Had he waited till the weekend, the area would have been a lot busier.  The Omaha Beach area was extremely busy.  He took all his photos with his Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra mobile phone.  How the lads of 21BDS would have been in awe at that tiny piece of technology!

General view of names on memorial
Close-up of RAF names

The RAF names in full:

RAF names 1
RAF names 2

Frank Mallett was particularly moved as he videoed the names with D C Highfield at the top:

“Dad recalled this about a colleague he lost as soon as the ramp went down on the landing craft. 

We had an officer called ‘Hoppy’ Highfield; he was nicknamed that because he walked with a limp, having survived plane and motor racing crashes. I can remember staying really close to ‘Hoppy’ hoping that his luck would somehow protect me too – but my morale took a dive as the ramp went down, and the leather flying-jacketed figure by me vanished.  He had been hit by a German sniper. This was the day when ‘Hoppy’s’ luck ran out and mine held good.”

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