The Pending Page

This is a list of men who ‘may’ have also been with 21 BDS on that fateful day in 1944.

This web site invites any relations or friends of these men to contact the editors with their stories so we can add their names and stories to the existing but incomplete list of the men who made up 21 BDS.

  • Ben (Bernard?) Patkin, Flight Lieutenant.
  • Hague, Flying Officer.
  • Rowe – Major or Corporal?
  • Les (Leslie) Cook.
  • Nick, (Nicholas?) Melson. (Melsom?).
  • Stan, (Stanley?) Newsom.
  • (Jock) Johnson.
  • Hughie, (Hugh?) Pears.
  • Doug, (Douglas?) Dicks.
  • (Clem) Martin.
  • Mervin (Unknown).
  • Bill, (William?) Telfor.
  • Sid, (Sidney, Sydney), Pearce.
  • (Mac) McManus.
  • (Tiny) Howe.
  • Don, (Donald?), Gargraves.
  • Alec Extall.
  • Ron, (Ronald?), Pont.
  • Norman George.
  • Bill, (William?), Knowles.
  • John Richards.
  • Tommy, (Thomas?), Kay.
  • Percy Child.
  • George Scadding.
  • Effie ( but this may have been Effinberger)
  • Flt/Sgt Echerat
  • Sgt Edain
  • LAC Scalding
  • LAC Kaye

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