Paignton the loco red

“Omaha” delights the crowds The designers of vintage locomotives know their colours. A steam engine, which is essentially a hot, noisy, intricate machine, can be transformed into an object of immense beauty, just by painting in a deep, lustrous colour. Plus hours of cleaning and polishing. The visitors to Paignton Station on the 80th Anniversary […]

More record-breaking stats

Weekly Stats D-Day80

It will come as no surprise to anyone that, on the day or so before 6th June 2024, the World started searching for phrases such as “D-Day” and “Omaha”.  Thanks to our SEO expert, these searches quickly brought interested parties to our website.  Another record-breaking week.  We hope people took the time to browse the […]

Above Omaha Beach…

Omaha Beach D-Day80 fly past French Air Force C130 Hercules

On a Saturday morning in June 2024, standing on Omaha Beach, the sons of D-Day veteran Stan Mallett saw these aircraft flying past in tribute…

Not exactly to plan…

D-Day 80 Omaha Beach Normandy RAF Stan Mallett

The nighttime operation did not go exactly to plan… As part of the D-Day 80 commemorations, the visitors and Normandy locals were promised a synchronised, spectacular firework display on each of the five Operation Overlord beaches. Night fell, and Stan Mallett’s son stood on Omaha Beach, waiting. Update > The Editor of this website […]

May they Rest In Peace

Sleep well, O Valiant Knights As well as visiting the British Normandy Memorial above the beaches of Omaha, Juno, Gold, Sword and Utah just before the 80th Anniversary of D-Day, Frank Mallett paid his respects at the Bayeux War Cemetery.  He took photographs of the headstones of all the members of 21 BDS who died […]

“We will always remember them”

General view of names on memorial

The names of The Fallen Frank Mallett visited Normandy from Friday 31st May to Sunday 2nd June, 2024. His father, Aircraftman Stan Mallett, had visited Normandy 80 years previously – on D-Day, 6th June 1944.  It was not such a pleasant trip back then. Stan returned from the war, but many of his comrades did […]

“For Your Tomorrow”

Normandy Field 1

1,475 Silhouettes Standing With Giants installed a staggering 1,475 silhouettes across the wild meadow fields of the British Normandy Memorial in a display called “For Your Tomorrow”.  The 1,475 giants reflect the number of servicemen who died serving under British command on D-Day itself.  The installation was open for viewing at the British Normandy memorial, […]

Standing With Giants

Commemorative plaque number 52: Chris Kelly

Plaque no.52 Frank Mallett writes: I was in Normandy from 31st May to 2nd June, 2024.  I am the proud son of Aircraftman Stan Mallett, part of the RAF team that landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day 1944.  I was visiting the British Normandy Memorial.  One of my objectives was to photograph the commemorative plaque no.52, […]

The British Normandy Memorial

British Normandy Memorial

The British Normandy Memorial Nearly 22,500 names inscribed It started with a suggestion from a Normandy Veteran. In July 2015, George Batts – a young soldier in the Royal Engineers on D-Day – met the BBC broadcaster Nicholas Witchell. George pointed out that the United Kingdom, alone among the principal Allied nations of World War […]