Men and their experiences

“At the Going-Down of the Sun…”


In this section we have tried to pull together the names of all the men that we can identify who were in the RAF and who landed at Omaha Beach. This story is about all of the men from the various RAF units who began their mission to liberate France by landing through the Omaha Beach gateway.

However we have decided to split this section into two: the first section contains the names of the men and if they have written their experiences for those in the first echelon of 21 BDS who landed on 6th June 1944 – D-Day.

The second section covers those men who landed at Omaha Beach on 7th June or later and made up the second and subsequent echelons of 21 BDS.

Peter Best


Personnel File

All known personnel involved with 21 BDS

This is a collection of personal accounts written by RAF and other allied forces personnel:

Muir Adair

W E (Bill) Adderley

Norman Best

Les Dobinson

Bill Firby

Arthur Greenleaf

Reg Hague

Padre Geoffrey Harding

Eric Heathcote

Ned Hitchcock

Johnnie Humble / Hamble

Chris Kelly

Stan Mallett

Alexander McLeod

Arnold Palin

Richard Parr

Archie Ratcliffe

John / Jock Reid

Richard Rycroft, MO

John Stevens

Harry Warren

Bill Wiseman


Casualties 21 Base Defence Sector D-Day Omaha Beach

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