Appendix B: Technical Reference

 Appendix B


Technical Reference






    NB Article
60   Group Headquarters at Leighton   Buzzard.  Responsible for ground radar   inBritain NBArticle  NH  Article
75 Wing Section   of 60 Group NB Article
85   Group Headquarters at Uxbridge NBArticle
A.F.S. Auxiliary Fire Service* NB Article
A.M.E.S.*** Air Ministry Experimental Station NB Article
A.O.C. Air Officer Commanding NB Diary
B.D.S. Base Defence Sector NB Article
BSU Base   Signal Unit NB Diary
C.H.L.*** Chain, Home, Low  
C.O. Commanding Officer NB Article
COL Chain,   Overseas, Low NB Diary
CSO Chief   Signals Officer NB Diary
DCSO Deputy   Chief Signal Officer NB Diary
D-Day Day   of the Allied invasion ofFrance NB Article
FO Flight   Officer  
IFF Identification,   Friend or Foe NB Diary
IG   NB Diary
L.A.C.   * Leading Aircraftman NB Article
M.N.O. Medical   Non Commissioned Officer NB Article
M.O. Medical   Officer NB Article
MSSU Mobile   Signals Service Unit NB Diary
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