Appendix A: Equipment references

Appendix A


Equipment Reference





105mm German Artillery 105mm Barrel NB Diary
75mm German Artillery 75mm Barrel NB Diary
88mm German Artillery 88mm Barrel NB Diary
Austin3 Tonner*** Small lorry to carry the diesel generators EH Article
Crossley*** In RAF radar context, this implies the   massive four-wheel vehicles of that make commonly used to accommodate mobile   equipment.  The Crossley truck had a   large petrol engine with prodigious power and could tow almost anything. NB Article
Diamond T Large Recovery Truck NB Diary
F.D.T. * Fighter Direction Tender (There were 3 FDTs   off theNormandy  beaches and were converted Landing Ship Tanks used as floating GCI stations) NB Article
G.C.I.*** Ground-Controlled Interception NB Article
GP General   Purpose NB Article
LCT Landing   Craft Tank NB Article
L.S.T.*** Landing Ship Tank.  A form of special craft, designed to carry   tanks to be beached inNormandy.  Some, modified became FDT’s. NB Diary
Mosquito British Fighter Bomber.  2 engined. NB Article
M.T. Motor Transport NB Article
MK1 Mark 1  
POL military   term for “petrol, oil and lubricants NB Article
RADAR Radio   Direction and Ranging


NB Article
R.D.F.*** The first title given to Radar in theUK.  Generally understood to stand for Radio   Direction Finding (alternatively, Reflected Direction Findings).  Announced publicly as ‘Radiolocation’ in   1941, but this term was soon superseded by ‘Radar’.  
R.T. Radio Telephony*  
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