This web site is dedicated to the men of RAF 21 Base Defense Sector (BDS), 85 Group, 2nd Tactical Air Force, who landed on Omaha Beach in Normandy on D-Day, 6th June 1944.

Their story has remained relatively unknown, but they suffered 48 casualties out of a group of 180 or so, and only in 2012 was their heroism recognised by the unveiling of a monument at Vierville-sur-Mer. It is a remarkable and poignant story.

This site was started in November 2012 and is still very much "under construction". We welcome any contributions or advice. Please email the website editors at omahabeach@outlook.com

Main Background Image

The defining photograph for 21 BDS.

Scene on “Omaha” Beach on the afternoon of “D-Day”, 6 June 1944, showing casualties on the beach, a bogged-down “Sherman” tank, several wrecked trucks and German anti-landing obstructions. A LST is beached in the left distance and invasion shipping is off shore. More significantly, amongst the trucks in the centre are 2 burnt out Crossley […]